Brandy Announces “Two Eleven” Album Release Date

Two eleven is coming in August the end of summer vacation for many of us. She is working hard to make this album come out, and come out big! We can’t wait to hear the rest of the album after having a hit duet with long time friend Monica. Monica is also coming with her album soon. Stay tuned for more updates


The Mob Wives chicago already aired and they already have people sueing them for money. Nora and Renee are being sued by a film producer that they hired as their manager. No way they can deny this when there are copies of contracts! The manager Nick Ceolizzi is collecting his money that they suppose to give him for the show. The ladies are getting 6,000 each episode and he is getting 900. Well pay up ladies before this gets super ugly!

He says his company, Family Ties Management, arranged for both women to attend a casting call with the show’s production company, JustJenn Productions.

Royce Reed Confirms Her Breakup With Dez Briscoe

Well we all saw this one coming, the Basketball Wives couple Royce, and Dezmon are officially over. Royce emphasizes she is super focused, well she is on tour with her play ” Platanos and collard greens.” Royce once again might be jumping into another relationship. Like John salley said at the reunion we met so many of her boyfriends through the course of the series. Well who else isn’t surprised.